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Hair Straightening,
Professional hair straightening services in Orlando Florida. Keratin complex hair straightening is a revolutionary formula that allows people with fussy curly hair to have luxurious straight hair.

"In 2007 a Keratin Complex representative came into my Fort Lauderdale salon and said try this, in a year everyone will be wanting it." EB

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Keratin $220.00

Keratin Express $60.00

healthy, shiny, soft and straight

You won't believe how a Keratin Complex hair straightening treatment will restore your hair, making it healthy, shiny, soft, and straight! The results will save you time, for now on, you will only need 15 minutes to totally blow dry and style!

The harsh sunshine in Orlando can damage hair over time, a Keratin hair straightening treatment will not only straighten your hair, yet it will also restore health and shine.

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When considering hair straightening, select a trained, experienced professional and insist on keratin complex product. Remember, keratin is a generic word, keratin complex is a brand.

Remember, keratin is a generic word, Keratin Complex is a brand. Insist on Keratin Complex for the best long term hair straightening available. There are many keratin products on the market that are intended to be used for hair straightening. It is my professional experience that none will give you the results that Keratin Complex hair straightenign will.

Hair straightening irons make almost any hair type appear smooth and shiny. Beware, the extra heat means you should apply extra care to your day-to-day maintenance. It's simple, flat irons result in prescious time lost, poor long term results, and a high possibility of damage to your hair.

Orlando hair straightening

Karatin - choose a keratin straightening treatment and you can expect your new you to last up to six months. Thats six months of trouble free, low care, soft, straight hair. The investment in you breaks down to approximately $1.20 per day. Go ahead, splurge, your worth it!

Keratin Express or Mini Keratin - choose a mini keratin treatment for shorter duration results. You can expect your new mini keratin hair straightening to last for six weeks. The investment in you breaks down to approximately $1.43 per day. You will get the same results, for a shorter duration, great for those who have never experienced keratin hair straightening. You will never know the feel of hair straightening if you never try!

goodbye to bad hair days

Hair straightening by an experienced professional using Keratin Complex will leave you with amazing results. It is no wonder Keratin Complex is now the leading hair smoothing and hair straightening system in the World! Keratin Complex treatments and styling products are specially formulated to contain natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates all types of hair. No more bad hair days with Keratin Complex!





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