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elizabeth burkhardt
Orlando FL hair colorist & consultant

hair color exclusively by appointment
815 E. Washington Street
orlando / florida
Located across the street from Dexter's
in Thornton Park with lots of convenient parking!
Staying ahead of the orlando hair color curve...

Orlando hair color
ombre and beach hair
are still sizzling!
summer styles:

hot blondes are
demanding double takes!

fiery redheads
for a firey

orlando hair color

hair design
professional hair
salon orlando

beach hair stylist

Be unintentionally sexy this season with beach hair, clean, shiny, subtly styled beach hair. Start with a layered precision cut, shampoo and then we will find your natural wave for you to ride your beach hair effeortlessly through summer of 2013.

color your world

Richer, bolder, warmer hair color is huge this season in orlando florida. Think chocolate, caramel or coffee. All that pleases the palette is to be the palette that pleases. Warm browns, reds and blonds make all complexion types glow. Professional hair color hair stylist elizabeth burkhardt available by appointment only. Call now to make your appointment to change your hair color life for the better.

For 2018 in orlando florida a spectrum of warm reds awaits all types of hair and skin tones. Yet touches of cold reds, such as mangenta and fuschia, are edging into the orlando hair color scene, especially stunning with blue and green eyes call elizabeth to schedule an appointment to color your hair and your world.

Welcome the warm season with Brazilian highlights, giving sizzle to your orlando and central Florida (ugh!) summer look. Ready to travel and get away from orlando florida? Release the Ultra-hot diva that is inside of you and travel to the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro and show the amateurs the dazzle of professional Brazilian highlights.

multi dimensional color

OMBRE hair color takes your roots to a darker hue and flows to a lighter sparkle at the ends. Go back to your roots with a natural color at your scalp and then accent your natural beauty with lighter hues that match your complexion at the ends. Let your Orlando hair color shine with Ombre hair and E.B., Orlando's top hair colorist.

Once thought to be a passing fad, chunks abound, bolder and better than ever. Mildly complementary or wildly contrasting hair color gives you dimension and drama. Whether your nineteen or ninety your never too old or young for chunky hair. For a professional look let your Orlando hair color be inspired by Jane Fonda 2018, chunky, funky flair.

Edge it up with scandalous chunks of color; hair colors in hues as individual as you. Every hair color except green is game. My prediction? Chunks of pastels soon to be mainstream, be ahead of the curve and call Elizabeth now to schedule your chunky funky orlando hair color flair.

Hope springs eternal; the first decade of this century induced blonderexia which now can be cured with baby steps by adding darker, richer chunks of color. Go for it. Blondes are one of my speciaties, in all shades intensities. For the twenty first century platinum blonde orlando hair color appeal contact Elizabeth and get your game on.





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